Carsharing in Kishinev

rent a car through the app, by the minute, by the hour, by the day, by the month.

Convenient car rental in Kishinev

A convenient way to get around town and the country. You can rent a car for a few minutes, hours or days. We offer new electric cars. It is very easy to start your trip with a few clicks in the Getmancar app. Cars can be taken all over the city of Kishinev, and at the end of the trip, left in "end zones", within the city.

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Advantages of carsharing in Kishinev

No offices - you pick up the car and leave it on the street, you find the car on the map, it shows only available cars

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No paper contracts and deeds - everything is done digitally, via smartphone.

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No managers - we don't have colleagues who would show the car, fill in the paperwork and accept the car. Everything is done by you in the program.

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Don't pay for fuel - the cost of fuel/charging is included in the price of the trip. We take care of charging the cars ourselves.

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Parking - park your car in a place that is convenient for you.

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Environmentally friendly - we use a large number of electric vehicles that do not pollute the environment.

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Washing included - all cars are washed at our expense.

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Seasonal tires - cars are wrapped in tires according to the season of the year.

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Rent a car for any period of time - even for 1 minute, even for 1 year, all through the app.

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How to start using?

  • Download the application and complete a short registration process

  • Add your bank card

  • Choose a car on the map and start driving

Как начать пользоваться

Carsharing in Kishinev, advantages

Carsharing has become a way of life around the world. Cities see the benefits, and users are happy to have another public transportation option. Now it is as easy to take a car as it is to take a tram or bus.

For whom carsharing is suitable

  1. for those who are temporarily without a car
  2. for those who are on business or traveling
  3. for those who are looking for a substitute for a taxi, but do not want to travel with a driver
  4. for those who want to try a new car, a new model of car
  5. for those who don't want to buy their own car because they don't use it often.

Carsharing vs. car rental in Kishinev

Carsharing has many advantages:

  1. no need to visit the office
  2. you can rent a car 24/7, there are no extra charges for weekend or night staff working hours.
  3. there is no need to wait for the signing of a contract or the act of handing over or accepting the car.
  4. the car is always available and you can pick it up and leave it anywhere in the city.
  5. fuel is already paid for, there is no need to pay anything.

Where you can use carsharing

The driving area is the whole territory of Moldova, except for Transnistria. It is possible to start and end the trip only within Chisinau, in special zones, they are marked in a different color on the map.

Charging in carsharing

All rates are quoted in local currency, charged by the minute, hourly or daily, billed by the second.

Carsharing prices

Renault Zoe

Renault  Zoe in a carshare

Renault Zoe

BYD Dolphin in a carshare

BYD Dolphin

Honda MNV in a carshare

Honda MNV

Volkswagen ID 3 in a carshare

Volkswagen ID 3

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Best for short trips less than an hour

2 L/min

Run included 0 km
Booking 0 L/10min
Waiting 0.8 L
Transfer 0.5 L
Re-run cost 3 L/for every km
Super insurance 0 ₾
Start price 0 L

Hour 10 km

Tariff for trips around the city for several hours, suitable for the first acquaintance with the service

100 L

Run included 10 km
Booking 0 L/10min
Waiting 0 L
Transfer 0.5 L
Re-run cost 3 L/for every km
Super insurance 0 ₾
Start price 0 L

24 hours

For a comfortable car rental for 24 hours or a long term

700 L

Run included 0 km
Booking 0 L/10min
Waiting 0 L
Transfer 0.5 L
Re-run cost 3 L/for every km
Super insurance 0 ₾
Start price 0 L

Download the app and use our cars

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Download the app from the market, register and take your first ride. Renting a car in Chisinau is very easy - choose carsharing!

Free Getmancar cars in Kishinev

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• Place to end the trip

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