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Short term car rental in Moldova, why us?

Easy to use
A car is available with just a few clicks on your smartphone. Quick registration and access to dozens of cars with your smartphone.
Pick up the car in Chisinau and drive around Moldova. You can return the car within the completion zone in Moldova. We do not have an office, manager who has to give or receive the car.
Environmentally friendly
Our fleet is fully environmentally friendly and includes many electric vehicles. We reduce CO2.
Everything is included
Car charging, parking, insurance, seasonal tires, assistance, customer support. You pay only for use, you get everything.

We offer easy and convenient service in Moldova. Advanced technologies and the best support for our clients.

5 steps to use the best carsharing service in Moldova

Download app - download the app Getmancar from Appstore, Playmarket, Huaweigallery

Add your documents to complete a quick registration

Add your bank card details for payment.

Find any car on the map, open it with a few clicks, start driving.

Upon completion, park the car in the authorized area, get out of the car and collect your personal belongings, press the end of trip button, the car will close and the car rental will end.

Convenient and easy car rental in Moldova - carsharing Getmancar

Citizens and visitors of Moldova face the necessity to use a car. It is not always possible to buy your own car, and there are many cases when your own car is simply not profitable due to infrequent use.

The best alternative to owning a car and the need to get around is car sharing. Carsharing is the short-term rental of a car through a mobile application.

Carsharing offers car rentals from 1 minute to any duration. If in a regular car rental you are offered a car only for 1 hour, in carsharing you can take a car for several minutes or hours, and if you need it for a day or a month, it is no problem.

Carsharing in Moldova wins with its simplicity: a single registration in the application and then access to dozens of cars waiting for customers. Open and close the car through the mobile application, no need to go to the offices, fill out some documents, inspect the car with the manager.

We save all people from worries, because you do not need to buy insurance, pay for parking, service and wash the car, as well as change and store rubber. We also take care of fueling the car.

In carsharing, you only pay for the time you use the car. The basic rule of carsharing.

If I don't use the car, I don't pay. I only pay when I use it.

Carsharing prices

Renault Zoe

Renault  Zoe in a carshare

Renault Zoe

BYD Dolphin in a carshare

BYD Dolphin

Honda MNV in a carshare

Honda MNV

Volkswagen ID 3 in a carshare

Volkswagen ID 3

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Best for short trips less than an hour

2 L/min

Run included 0 km
Booking 0 L/10min
Waiting 0.8 L
Transfer 0.5 L
Re-run cost 3 L/for every km
Super insurance 0 ₾
Start price 0 L

Hour 10 km

Tariff for trips around the city for several hours, suitable for the first acquaintance with the service

100 L

Run included 10 km
Booking 0 L/10min
Waiting 0 L
Transfer 0.5 L
Re-run cost 3 L/for every km
Super insurance 0 ₾
Start price 0 L

24 hours

For a comfortable car rental for 24 hours or a long term

700 L

Run included 0 km
Booking 0 L/10min
Waiting 0 L
Transfer 0.5 L
Re-run cost 3 L/for every km
Super insurance 0 ₾
Start price 0 L
We have formed the best offer on tariffs based on the analysis of car rental services, carsharing and customer needs. All prices are in the national currency of Moldova. All tariffs include fuel (charging), parking, seasonal tires, car insurance.

Why choose Getmancar

  1. environmentally friendly all-inclusive cars
  2. pleasant application that works without interruptions
  3. one account - access to cars in 3 countries: Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia.
  4. service area - all of Moldova
  5. new cars

Territory of use

Cars can be used on the whole territory of Moldova. You can end your trip only on the territory of Chisinau, in specially designated areas.

Fueling cars

This is our concern, we will take care of charging the vehicles ourselves. If you need to recharge your car during the period of use, simply contact our support team.

Who is able to use

The car can be used by a citizen of the Republic or a tourist who is at least 18 years old and has a driver's license of the B category.

Our advantages:

Environmentally Friendly Vehicles: Our entire fleet consists of electric vehicles, helping to reduce environmental impact and support the sustainable development of the city.

Included in the price of the service: The rental price includes not only the use of the car, but also the cost of parking in the city, recharging (instead of fuel) during the trip, and mandatory insurance.

Convenient mobile app: Use our mobile application to rent a car quickly and easily. All necessary operations can be completed with a few clicks.

Flexible rental terms: You can use the car on the whole territory of Moldova. However, to finish your trip, come back to our beautiful city - Chisinau.

Choose Getmancar for electric rides in Chisinau and beyond. Make a mark in the history of eco-mobility!