How to use Getmancar carsharing?

how to use?

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1. Download the Getmancar mobile app

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2. Download the Getmancar mobile app

Follow the prompts in the mobile app to create an account. Add a phone number and email address for communication; photo of documents to confirm identity, as well as a payment card to pay for services.

If you have a payment card of one of the Ukrainian banks, you can submit documents through the Bank ID system. This will save you time.

It is important to provide only your contact details and documents.

After successful registration, wait for your account to be approved. Moderation usually takes from 1 to 5 hours, but in rare cases it can take a little longer. We will send messages to your email address and mobile app about the successful moderation of an account!

While the data is being checked, you can familiarize yourself with the functionality of the app, available end zones for completing the trip, and settings.

3. Choose any car on the map

After confirming your account, you can use the service.

Go to the app, choose any car on the map. The letters «А» and «М» on the vehicles mean automatic and manual transmission. Click on the car and see detailed information. Choose one of the tariffs: minute, hourly or daily.

Before each ride, you can purchase additional insurance, which will significantly reduce your liability in the event of a traffic accident. Usually, this function is chosen so as not to be nervous while driving because of the possibility of damaging the car or limiting possible costs. The cost of additional insurance depends on the tariff and brand of car and will be displayed on the information card.

To receive an offer of additional insurance always, put the this feature able in the application settings.

Find out more about standard and additional insurance in a separate article.

Choose a tariff – book a car. The booked car will become inaccessible to other users, during this time you can reach the car. You have 3 free bookings of 20 minutes within 24 hours. If you reduce time, than payment will be charged during booking minutes.

You can get directions to the car; the app will show the distance and approximate time to get the car. To do this, click on the icon with a little man.

For the feature to work, you must grant the app access to your location. Do this during registration or in the phone settings, go to the Getmancar application and provide the necessary access.

When booking, the amount of the deposit is blocked on your account, which depends on the class of car and the tariff. But sometimes the deposit can be increased.

The deposit is blocked only once a day and is returned the next day after the end of the car rental, usually already at 01:15.

Before renting, make sure that there are enough funds on the account to block the deposit and pay the tariff.

4. Open the car through the app and drive. Keys and documents are already inside

Your smartphone is the key to any Getmancar vehicle.

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Open, close or pause the ride – all in your phone.

After opening the car through the app, inspect it for critical damage and take a picture from the suggested angles.

In order to identify your face before the trip, In order to identify your face before the trip, this will take a few seconds.

The keys are already in the car, the documents are in the glove compartment, there is also a fuel card in case of a necessary refueling.

If necessary, adjust the mirrors and seats for yourself.

In the cold season, you will have 5 free minutes to warm up the car, you can wipe the windows, adjust the mirrors, seats and music.

Move around the entire use zone (blue zone on the map), it is forbidden to leave this zone, so check your route in advance to see if it is included in the use zone.

If you need to leave the car during the rental, turn on the waiting mode. This mode allows you to close the car, but leave it on rent, for example, if you need to go to the store or to a workout, and then return again and drive on. The waiting mode is charged only in the minute tariff, in subscriptions the mode is free during the tariff.

Use your seat belt, follow the rules of the road and be respectful of other road users.

5. End your trip in convenient end zones.

You can complete the trip in special end zones , marked in purple and yellow on the map in the app. Purple zones are free, yellow zones are paid under certain conditions. You will find more about paid zones in a separate article.

During the trip, until you have completed the ride, you can park your car anywhere, observing the parking rules, only you need to complete the rental in purple or yellow zones.

Important! In order to avoid loss of communication with the car, parking in covered and underground parking lots is prohibited.

  • Important! In order to avoid loss of communication with the car, parking in covered and underground parking lots is prohibited.
  • Don't forget to get out of the car and pick up all your belongings before you end your ride.
  • In the app, press the "Finish" button and take 4 photos of the car from the suggested angles. Only 4 photographs instead of numerous papers and filling out acts of acceptance and transfer of property.
  • That's it, the ride is over, this car is available to other users.

At the end of the ride, you will receive a full calculation of your trip in the application. Payment for the trip is made from a payment card at the end of the ride or partially during the drive time. If there are not enough funds on the card to pay for the services, then the ride amount will be debited from the deposit amount, and the balance will be returned within a few business days, depending on the rules of your payment bank.

Have questions? Write to us on Telegram or Viber.

More information and answers to frequently asked questions can be found in the FAQ section.