Traficar is a carsharing operator in Poland

The company began its journey in 2016 in Krakow. Today, the company is represented in most cities in Poland, and its fleet includes more than 3,000 vehicles.

The company's application is presented in 3 markets, not only in the AppStore, Google Play, but also in the Huawei Gallery.

Cars in a fleet

The fleet is represented mainly by the Renault group and its sub-brand Dacia.

The fleet includes the following vehicles (classification is made according to the classification issued by Traficar):

Everything about Polish carsharing Traficar
  1. small cars
    • Renault Clio
    • Dacia Sandero
    • Renault Zoe
  2. city ​​cars:
    • Renaul Arkana
  3. small cargo minibuses (pick-ups):
    • Dacia Dokker
  4. cargo minibusses:
    • Renault Master

Admission to the service is possible for anyone who has reached the age of 18 and has a driver’s license with category “B”.

Traficar car sharing prices and tariffs

Traficar offers per km and daily rates. This operator, like Panek, does not charge for minutes of use, but only for distance.

Designation small passenger cars large cars pickup truck cargo minibus
minute daily minute daily minute daily minute daily
starting payment 4,99 0 4,99 0 4,99 0 4,99 0
during the trip 0 69 0 99 0 129 0 249
during the waiting time 23 to 07 0,01 0 0,01 0 0,01 0 0,01 0
during the waiting time 07 to 23 0,15 0 0,15 0 0,15 0 0,15 0
for 1 km run 1,89 0,99 2,19 0,99 1,99 0,99 2,99 1,19
returning a car in another zone

Minute tariffs offer a starting payment of PLN 4.99 for the start of the trip, minutes are not charged, and only daily tariffs are charged. In each tariff, payment is made for each kilometer driven. from 0.99 PLN to 2.99 PLN/km. The tariff per km depends on the selected car class and tariff type (cheaper in daily rates and more expensive in minute rates).

The option to return a car in another city is available only for Renault Clio cars.

Territory of use of the car

The cars can be used throughout Poland. You can return a car in another city only if it is a Renault Clio.

Parking Policy

Parking is permitted in zones and municipal parking lots.

Car reservation

The company provides the first 5 free minutes when starting a trip. Only after these 5 minutes have passed will the client be charged the cost of unlocking (starting payment).

Free booking lasts 15 minutes, after which you will be charged for waiting (pause), according to the tariff.

Insurance and Liability

The conditions are written in English and Polish, which is a definite plus for this service provider. The conditions list standard cases in which insurance coverage does not apply. We did not find the amount of the client’s participation in the incident; most likely it is equal to 0 zlotys.

Rating the application on the Polish market

carried out as of November 2023

Designation App Store Google Play
Rating 4,6 4,7
Downloads more than 1 million
Main download regions Poland, Ukraine, Belarus Poland, Latvia, Lithuania
Downloads for the last month in the world 8 thousand. 10 thousand.
Reviews 17615 18128
Category, place №25 Travel №13 Travel & Local


  1. convenient site
  2. there are several languages ​​on the site
  3. the contract is in English
  4. coverage in several cities in Poland
  5. the only operator that provides an application for Huawei mobile phones


  1. there is no wide possibility of returning the car in other cities
  2. We did not find the possibility of driving cars outside of Poland