FAQ - Getmancar carsharing

What is Getmancar?

Carsharing is a very convenient and simple car rental. Without offices, managers, paper acts of giving/getting a car, payment into box office, huge deposits, the return of a car strictly at the office in working hours and other bureaucracy. Use the App to operate the service and use a car. This is a car rental with the help of the application. Open, close a car with the help of Getmancar application. The price includes parking in the city, fuel, insurances, tires according to the season and many others.

Carsharing is one of the means of transport. Due to the fact that car sharing is so simple and quick, it started to make a competition with taxi, especially in Europe and America. Our trips, as a rule, are cheaper 20-30% than taxi. Of course, it is necessary to know how to use. The more you use, the more you know. Choose the tariffs that suit you according to your trip.

Everybody chooses what is beneficial for him/her. This is convenient and simple. It is easier than renting a car anywhere.

Our service will help you if:

  • You need a car from point A to B
  • You need a car for your own business
  • You need a second car for the family, not for constant use, but from time to time
  • Your own car needs to be repaired
  • You are waiting for a car that you have ordered in USA or in a car show room
  • You just do not need a car anymore, you calculated that maintaining it and lose on the price difference is not beneficial at all

Of course, you can. Choose a car, if there is “drop off” zone for the trips in your area, you will be able to finish the ride there.

Application Completion Zone Getmancar

Of course! Download the app, you will see cars, a map with zones, you can read the contract, rules and FAQ. If you want to use the service or use other functions, you must register.

Application review without registration

Start Using Getmancar

Any person who has reached the age of 21 and has a driver's license with category "B". The service can be used by citizens of Georgia, foreigners and stateless persons.

Download Getmancar application in AppStore, GooglePlay or Huawei AppGallery, sign up in the application or on the website.

It is necessary to take a photo of the documents requested in the app, namely:

  1. Photo of the front side of the ID card (passport). For foreigners, the first page of the passport with which you entered the country, or a permanent or temporary residence permit, if one was obtained.
  2. Reverse side of the ID card. For foreigners – a photo of a visa or stamp of the border control with the date of entry, or an address on a certificate of permanent or temporary residence, if such was obtained.
  3. The front side of the driving license.
  4. The reverse side of the driving license.
  5. Your selfie with driver's license.

You can start signing up and add photos of your documents that are left later. It is impossible to use a car without adding all the documents.

Have you signed up? Attach your bank card in the app to pay for the service.

The moderation will open the access to the service as soon as possible. Maximum verification period up to 24 hours from the date of sending (adding) documents.

If something is missed or we could not read your documents or we need additional information, we will either send you a letter on your email or message in Getmancar application. Please, help us to approve your account as soon as possible, just answer the letter or make the necessary actions in the App (take new photos, add new ones).

As soon as moderation is ended, we will send you a letter on your email and push notification in Getmancar application.

If you meet the fact that the credit card is not being added, while adding the bank card to Getmancar service, and the operation of freezing of 1 (one) GEL is successful. Please, contact your bank, it is likely that:

  • There is a prohibition on internet transactions on your card
  • There is a limit / low limit on internet payments
  • The bank card has been blocked for acceptance-free payments
  • A low bankcard status (Visa Electron, Maestro).

Prices, Costs, How to Use?

The price includes:

  • The car for use
  • Insurance (with franchise, amount not reimbursed by insurance)
  • The fuel for the whole period of using the car
  • Car washing
  • Municipal parking in the city – we have already paid for the city parking. The exceptions are private and covered parking lots and parking behind the barrier.
  • Tires on the car according to the season
  • Assistance
  • Taxes and charges

We have per-minute, per-hour and daily tariffs. Tariffication calculates per each second. An additional fee of 1 GEL is paid at the beginning of each rental.

Per minute tariffs are paid for the number of minutes used for the trip and for the km used.

Example: if you have chosen the tariff “Minute + 0.67 GEL/km”, where a minute costs 0.18 GEL, for example, on a Hyundai Elantra, and drove a distance of 5 km in 20 minutes, then pay 3 GEL 60 tetri (for 20 minutes) + 3 GEL 35 tetri (for 5 km) + 1 GEL for the start of the trip = 7 GEL 95 tetri for the trip.

Hourly and daily tariffs have a certain number of kilometers provided free of charge.

FIn the hourly rate, 10 km are provided. If the time or mileage is exceeded on the trip, additional tarification will be charged for the time (at the end of the tariff) – minute, and for the mileage (at the end of the km included in the price of the tariff) – payment for km 5 UAH/km or 7 UAH/km depending on the class of car.

All the tariffs are presented at the tariff card when you book a car.

You can read more at the tariff card, by clicking «INFO» button.

You can read about all the tariffs here.

Add a payment card through the application to pay for Getmancar services. In order to verify the card, 1 (one) GEL will be charged from it, which will be returned in the near future, in accordance with the rules of the payment system of your bank.

Payment for using the car is made from the card you added, from your account balance and partially from your bonus account. Before the start of the trip, a deposit in the amount of 10 to 300 GEL is blocked, depending on the chosen car and tariff.

Payment for the trip is made at the end of the rental or partial write-off during your trip.

In some cases, for example, due to systematic violations of the rules, speeding, low scoring rating, an individual deposit may be established. 10 successful trips will reduce the amount of the deposit, according to trip analytics.

All service vehicles are refueled by our employees.

If you see a car with a critical fuel level (less than 20%), you can help us fill it up and get bonuses for helping us, or take another car.

If less than 20% of fuel is left during the trip, according to the service rules, the car must be refueled at one of the proposed partner filling stations. You don't want to upset the next user, do you?

You can find the nearest partner filling station on the map by selecting the appropriate function.

There is a fuel card in the glove compartment, you do not need to spend your money to activate it – contact the Support Service. We understand that refueling takes a certain time, so we will accrue 5 bonuses for your care.If there are no partner filling stations nearby, the fuel card of which is in the glove compartment, and the amount of fuel is critical (less than 10%), contact the Support Service for recommendations on refueling the car at your own expense.

In this case the cost of fuel will be compensated to your account balance + 5 GEL will go to your bonus account.

You can use the car within «zone of use» – a solid zone on the map. It is forbidden to left «zone of use». If you really need it, contact Support service before the start of the trip, they will help you.

You can end the trip only in «drop off zones» (darker zones like small islands on the map). You have to finish the trip according to the road traffic rules in order that the car will not be evacuated by the police or the parking inspection.

You can leave the car out of the drop off zone only if you use «waiting» or «transfer» modes.

Use mobile application to open the car. Attention! You can open only the car you have booked.

All keys are built into the ignition or the car works without a key (button). Do not try to remove the key from the ignition! Considering that it is built in, pulling the key out will break it.

Documents: registration certificate and fuel card can be found in the glove box of the car.

Leave a car in any «drop off zone» (darker places that looks like islands on the map). End your trip in the following way:

  • Park a car according to the road traffic rules
  • Turn the lever of automatic transmission into «P» or leave a car in gear, if it equipped with the manual gearbox
  • Turn on the handbrake
  • Turn off the light, close the windows and turn off the engine
  • Leave a car
  • Push «end» button in the application
  • Take some photos of the car to fix its state in case it is damaged after you leave it.

You can not park and complete the trip:

  • At the locations with poor GPS cover, including indoor parking lots.
  • At paid parking lots.
  • At closed parking lots, yards, warehouses, offices where there is no free access to the car.
  • At violation of traffic rules, including places for the disabled, electric cars, taxi cars and public transport stops.
  • At places where the car interferes with pedestrians, the entrance, creates obstacles, etc.

How to choose a tariff?

You choose a tariff before booking a car. Swipe the screen of the application to the left and you will see different tariffs.

Read the information about the tariff on the card. If there is little information, click on the «INFO» and read more.

You can read more information about the tariffs in this article, and you can read more about the tariff in the application or on the website.

What is the best tariff to choose?

The choice of tariff depends on the goal, duration, and traffic density.

If you have planned a short trip, traffic jams are expected or you are going to wait for a certain time, the minute rate is the best option.

If you need to call in 2 - 5 places, you know how long the journey will take, and the distance is short - a subscription may be the best solution.

If you are using the service for the first time, use the hourly rate. This will help you take your time and correctly calculate the travel time without overpaying extra funds.

The subscription is valid for a certain time, excess of the subscription time or the included mileage is paid additionally.

For example:

  • Hourly subscription – for 60 minutes of using a car, 10 km is free of charge, and the payment is 16 GEL. Exceeding the time or mileage is paid extra. After the end of the subscription, the trip is paid according to the current minute tariff. Overmileage is charged at 0.67 GEL/km.
  • Daily subscription – payment is made for 24 hours of rental. Exceeding the time – payment per minute, exceeding the mileage – payment 0.67 GEL/km for a «comfort» class car.

In the minute subscription you pay for the time of use and each km. For example:

«Minute + 0.67 GEL/km» the cost of a minute of use is 0.18 GEL. In addition, pay 0.67 GEL for each km.

* An example is given, according to the current tariffs for certain cars in one of the cities where we provide the service. Current rates can be viewed in the application or in the «Tariffs» section on the website.

At the end of the subscription, the trip is automatically transferred to the current minute tariff for this car.

Before the end of the subscription, a push message will appear in the app about the end of the subscription.

To purchase a subscription again, click 'change tariff' and then 'renew subscription' during the validity period of the subscription or 'change tariff' if the minute tariff is enabled.


Before granting access to the car, the deposit amount and the subscription amount will be blocked on your card if you have chosen a carsharing subscription. If the money on your card could not be blocked, the car will not be opened.

Check: Internet limit, permission for Internet operations.

Did not help? Call Support.

Call the Support Service from any phone, name the answers to security questions for your identification, the operator will help close the car and complete the rental.

If you have completed the rental, the car is available to everyone. Do you want to go again? Click the button to book or start the trip.

If you arrive and want to use the car later so that the neighbors do not pick it up, use the “waiting” mode, the car will not be available to other users, and you can start the trip when necessary.

The function allows you to complete a trip in places where there is no end zone. Do you want to end carsharing, but there are no end zones in the place where you are (darker zones in the app)? In this case, you can use the 'transfer' service.

As soon as you activate this service, the car will close and become available to all users in carsharing (similar to completion). But you will not be able to use another car until the car you put in 'transfer' is rented by any user.

For the period the car is “in transfer”, you pay 0.03 GEL/minute (1 GEL 80 tetri/hour) until the car is booked by another user. If you decide to pick up the car from the 'transfer', then the 'transfer' period will be listed at the 'waiting' tariff, which the app will notify you about. If you confirm the decision, it will be so, refuse – the car will remain in the 'transfer' mode.

The 'transfer' mode exists so that you can leave the car anywhere. If the place where you left the car is popular, the car will be booked quickly.

The 'radar' function in the app helps to report the appearance of free cars. For example, you have opened the app, but there is no car next to you. You can activate the 'radar' and specify the range. As soon as a free car appears, the app will send you a push message. Book a car and start the trip as soon as possible, what if you are not the only one using the 'radar'?

If you want to take a car for a trip, click 'book' by choosing the appropriate rate in advance. Now the car is not available to anyone, no one can book it and see it in the app, and you have 20 minutes to get to the car. When 20 minutes are up, the payment of 0.09 GEL per minute will be included.

You will have 3 free bookings during 24 hours period, the next free bookings will be available from the moment of the last booking.

The refusal from the booking is free.

Car booking in Getmancar app

Car booking in Getmancar app

Free booking in the Getmancar app

Use the button to estimate the route to the car before booking it. Click it and you will see the distance and approximate time to the car from your location.

If you booked a car, press the 'route to car' button, the app will offer to get directions to the car.

Navigation button

Way to the car

Use the 'blink' button, the machine will blink or beep. Please note that the function works with a certain delay, so you can blink next time in a few seconds.

You booked a car, approached the car, pressed 'open'. Your credit card has a deposit blocked and your car has been unlocked. Now you have 5 FREE minutes to view the car and check the availability of documents.

Assess the condition of the car. Take a few photos according to the recommended angles in the app, even if you missed something, we will definitely see it. The photo is your proof and an attachment to the electronic act of acceptance and transfer. Take a photo so we can see which car you took and which one you returned.

If you do not report and document the damage to the vehicle, we will not be able to understand that the damage was not caused by you, but by another user or a third party. Please take some photos!

During cold periods, you can use the warm-up function.

After inspecting the car, press 'warm up' the car and additional time will be given to warm up the car (usually 5 minutes). Start the engine, warm up the car. To complete the 'warm-up', click 'continue' and drive or start driving the car, the program will detect the start of movement and switch the rental to use mode automatically.

For the 'warm-up' function to work, it must be activated in your application, in the settings menu.

Бронировка автомобиля в приложении Getmancar

Страховка для автомобиля в приложении Getmancar

Бесплатное бронирование в приложении Getmancar

If you have arrived at a supermarket or other place and are not going to complete the rental, use the 'waiting' function, it will lock the car and transfer you to a reduced tariff.

The 'waiting' mode is used to close the car but not complete the rental. Choose 'waiting' when you are going to go on business and soon return to the car and continue the trip. In subscriptions, the mode is free, no additional payment is charged during the subscription period.

Look at the prompts in the app. This is most likely to happen if:

  • Didn't turn off the light
  • Handbrake not applied
  • Did not move the automatic transmission lever to the 'P' position
  • Didn't turn off the ignition
  • Do not close the door, trunk, hood.
  • Parked the car in a place with no GPS or GSM reception. Move the car to another location and try again.

If you still can't figure it out, call the Support Service, we will help.

How to Pay?

The payment for using the car is going by charging the money for the trip. The payment is collected in the following way: by freezing the deposit on your bank card and charging the payment apart from the deposit or by reaching the edge sum for you to pay (it is defined by program) at the end of the trip or partially during the usage period.

This is a small amount that is blocked before the start of the trip.

This is a small bonus credited to your bonus account in our system for various good deeds. You can use bonuses at the level of money and pay with them up to 30% of the cost of the trip. 1 bonus is equal to 1 GEL.

The bonuses are charged for registration, invitation of friends to the service, other good actions.

If the system sent you a request to partially debit the payment for the trip during the period of the trip (as a rule, if the trip is long or significant mileage), but the specified amount could not be debited from the card, you will not be able to open a car with a negative balance. Please recharge the card, pay the debt and continue using.

Insurance. Breakdown. Accident

All cars are insured. The liability limit is limited to GEL 1,500 (the amount not covered by insurance), and in the event of a complete destruction of the car, if the damage exceeds GEL 7,000, the liability amount is GEL 1,500 + 25% of the amount of damage exceeding GEL 7,000.

The material participation/responsibility of the user occurs regardless of the presence or absence of fault in an accident and from damage.

Additionally, you can use tariffs with less liability, marked as 'additional insurance' in the mobile app.

To apply the 'reduced liability' option, after booking, click 'activate' additional insurance.

Stop, turn on the emergency signal and contact Support, follow the operator's instructions.

Franchise – the amount of material damage that is not reimbursed by insurance, it is paid by the user in the event of a traffic accident.

For example, a franchise of 1,500 GEL. In case of damage to the car for 5000 GEL, only 3500 GEL is covered, and 1500 GEL must be paid by the user.

If the damage is 500 GEL, the amount of 500 GEL will be deducted from the user.

  • Do not leave the scene of the accident, do not move the car and objects of the accident.
  • Call the police.
  • Notify Support.
  • Write down and transfer to the Getmancar operator the data of another participant in the accident, if any (car number and brand, driver's data).
  • Wait for the police to arrive and file the incident, take an alcohol test with a dragger or at a medical facility as recommended by the police.
  • Submit the documents about the incident to the Getmancar representative no later than the next day or send a photo of the documents via a convenient messenger.

The support team will help complete the trip, contact the insurance company and, if necessary, send a tow truck and personnel to the scene.

If you see damage on the car that is not marked with the “Oh!” sticker, report this damage to the operator and send a photo to the Getmancar Support Service through the app, you will find all the contacts there. Follow the operator's instructions if necessary.

We understand that our users are not auto mechanics, so we have simplified the process of receiving a car as much as possible. All that is needed is to superficially inspect and take several photos of cars from different angles.

What to see on the car?

Pay attention to the main thing: are the wheels flat, are there any serious damages that prevent the possibility of using the car (jammed wheel, broken mirrors, glass, torn off parts of the car body).

Take a photo of the car. Follow the car angles indicated in the app. Thanks to these angles in the photo, we see how the car was taken and returned at any time of the day. So don't forget to take photos.

Hire a car, take a photo and don't worry about anything!

Any damage less than 5 cm, unless it is a glass surface or a dent; scratch, other damage already marked with a sticker. In any case, the user can use the application function and take a picture of the damage. Thus, we will receive information about the damage identified by the user.

Tell the operator about the problem with the car, we will fix it as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can use another car.

If you are in Batumi or Tbilisi, park the car following the rules of the road and tell the operator, we will resolve the issue with the wheel. Use another car. Do not drive with a flat tire, it is dangerous and can destroy the wheel.

If you are out of town, please use the spare tire and let us know, we will repair the wheel later.

Additional Questions

The tires on the cars are according to the season.

We have an offer contract, it is in electronic form. There is an active link in Getmancar application and on the website to familiarize yourself with the contract and all its versions.

Transportation of oversized cargo and animals is prohibited.

However, we welcome your little friends. We understand that you want to ride with them. If you guarantee the cleanliness of the cabin and protect it from scratches and animal marks, we will not apply any sanctions for such a trip.

Let's keep it clean and respect other users!

No, this is a gross violation, which provides for the imposition of a fine. Smoking is prohibited including electronic cigarettes and IQOS. For more information about smoking in a carsharing car, see the article.

Choose the language of the app in the application menu, in the 'Settings' section.

Settings 1Settings 2Settings 3

If you did not receive an SMS password to enter, contact the Support Service, or use the login via Telegram, Viber or Facebook messenger.

To delete an account and all the data it contains, you need to enter the Getmancar mobile app, go to the Settings section and press the Delete account button.

After that, a message will appear in the app that the request to delete the account has been created, access to the services will be blocked.

Once a request for deletion of personal data has been submitted, all personal data will be deleted within 90 calendar days from the date of request.

This procedure is carried out in accordance with EU protocols. Also, when deleting data, information regarding existing fines and violations will be checked. If such information is available, and it is necessary to provide documents, data to the relevant law enforcement, other authorities, the period of account deletion will be extended.

If we have not sent you an additional notice, your data will be deleted automatically after 90 days.