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Getmancar carsharing

Why not a scooter, not a taxi, not a daily rental?

By car it is convenient to go by yourself, and you can give a ride to friends. In the rain and sleet it will be warm, and in the heat it will be cool. You can put bags in the trunk. What about on a scooter?
All control of the car through your smartphone. No need to return the car to the office, fill out paperwork and photocopy documents. Register in the application and get access to all cars!
If you need to go to two or three places, it will be expensive by taxi, it is cheaper to take a car for a few hours. You can build your route to interesting places. Price on holidays and rush hour does not change.
Just a few clicks and you have a car. Parking, insurance, petrol and car wash are already included in the rate. All you have to do is enjoy the ride!

Car sharing will even replace your car, because you pay for a car only when you use it, at other times you don’t think about repairs and maintenance of vehicles. You will not need to fill up and wash the car, and also think about where to store it. We will take care of all this.

How to start using?

Just a few simple steps and you will get access to dozens of new cars for your comfortable trips!

Download the Getmancar mobile app from the App Store, Google Play or AppGallery. You will be able to fully manage your rental through your smartphone.

Complete a quick registration in the app. Add the necessary documents to be able to use carsharing. After successful registration, it remains to wait for the approval of the account.

Choose the nearest car on the map in the app and book it. You will find all the information, as well as tariffs, on the information card for each car.

Open the car with your smartphone and hit the road. Keys and documents are already in the car.

Finish your lease in convenient locations throughout the city. You can see all end zones on the map in the app.

Car rental in Georgia with Getmancar carsharing

What is the difference between carsharing and car rental in Georgia? A car can be rented in any city now.

Carsharing is a type of car usage which is very similar to car rental service, but have a lot of advantages according to a new strategy not only of car hire but also of a city and a country mobility. You can ride (rent) a car using your smartphone and nothing else. What does it mean?

Have you ever needed a car not for several days, as offered by rental companies, but for several hours or half a day? Do you need to get to a museum or get to a place of interest, but don't want to use stuffy public transport? Then carsharing is what you need. You can hire a car for just a few minutes or hours to take care of all your business, and then complete the ride by leaving the car in a parking lot in convenient zones in the city just clicking the “end” of ride button in your smartphone.

You do not need to go to the office in order to select and rent the vehicle you need, you can see all the free cars on the map in the app, just register at Getmancar App and get access to all the cars of the company.

A carsharing car can be compared to your own car, only you do not need to worry about maintenance, repair, insurance, washing, parking fees and garage.

Where can you get the keys and documents for the car?

Your smartphone with the Getmancar app is your key. Using it, you can open a car and manage the entire rental/ride. You will find the documents for the car and the ignition key in the car.

Who can use carsharing?

If you are already 21 years old and you have a category B and European driving license (made according to UN Wiena Convention of road traffic 1968), and the driving experience is at least two years, then you can register and use Getmancar carsharing.

Zones in carsharing

Carsharing has its own zones of usage, a large area on the map that covers the country and cities and surroundings. This is the zone in which the service operates, here you can use a carsharing car: start and end a trip, pause the rental, book a car. Leaving of the zone of car usage is prohibited.

There are also smaller zones on the map (usually darker in color), these are the drop off zones. In these zones, you can start and end your trip. The end zones are located in the most popular locations, so it will be convenient for you to complete trips, just find the nearest location to complete the trip.


Ford Focus

Ford Focus in a carshare

Ford Focus

Honda Fit in a carshare

Honda Fit

Honda Fit (III) in a carshare

Honda Fit (III)

Toyota Corolla in a carshare

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Sienna in a carshare

Toyota Sienna

VW Jetta in a carshare

VW Jetta

Volkswagen EOS in a carshare

Volkswagen EOS

Hyundai Elantra in a carshare

Hyundai Elantra

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport in a carshare

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

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Minute + 0,67 GEL/km

Best for short trips less than an hour

0.18 ₾/min

Run included 0 km
Booking 0 ₾/20min
Waiting 0.1 ₾
Transfer 0.03 ₾
Re-run cost 0.67 ₾/for every km
Super insurance 0.08 ₾
Start price 1 ₾

Hourly + 10 km

Tariff for trips around the city for several hours, suitable for the first acquaintance with the service

16 ₾

Run included 10 km
Booking 0 ₾/20min
Waiting 0 ₾
Transfer 0.03 ₾
Re-run cost 0.67 ₾/for every km
Super insurance 2.5 ₾
Start price 1 ₾


For a comfortable car rental for 24 hours or a long term

100 ₾

Run included 0 km
Booking 0 ₾/20min
Waiting 0 ₾
Transfer 0.03 ₾
Re-run cost 0.67 ₾/for every km
Super insurance 25 ₾
Start price 1 ₾
Tariffs are based on numerous city trips and are the most suitable for any of the planned trips, whether it's a few minute trip for groceries, an hour trip to the airport or a couple of days of sightseeing. For more information about tariffs, see Tarrifs.

City parking and gasoline do not need to pay!

vw jetta

Carsharing: rent a car in Georgia, pay per minute

How to choose a tariff in carsharing?

The service has three convenient tariffs: minute, hour and daily. Each tariff is suitable for a different type of trip.

For short trips or short distances, choose the minute tariff.

If you plan to visit several places, wait on the road or drive along an unknown road, the best solution is to take an hour tariff.

If you have 5-6 trips planned for a day or you need a car for a day or two, then a daily tariff is the best solution.

How to choose a car for rent in carsharing?

Everything is very simple. Go to the app, all available cars will be shown on the map.

  1. Choose the car closest to you.
  2. Choose a car by class and convenience.
  3. Focus on the price: there are cheaper and more expensive models.
  4. Pay attention to the fuel level, choose a car with a full tank for long trips.
  5. Rent the model you like. Over time, you will try different models and decide which car you like to drive. Great experience!

How to pay for trips?

To be able to rent a car, you need to add a payment card through the app.

Payment is made from the added card at the end of the trip or with a partial write-off during the trip.

In the application, you can see the cost of all tariffs and your trip.

Choose an inexpensive carsharing car in Georgia for your travels! Be free and mobile with Getmancar!